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Vayda Class

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cares about his message.”
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Well worth it."
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The 7 Skills of World Class Presenting, customized for you

Well done! Would recommend to others. Well spent time.”

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  • Own your role as leader.

  • Move your audience to action.

  • Plot your presentations for results.

  • Create PowerPoint people want to see.

  • Use PowerPoint creatively, not destructively.

  • Develop a unique stage presence.

  • Control your tech.


Online Training

Expert knowledge on your schedule


  Our first version has been quite successful (92% rating).

Our first version has been quite successful (92% rating).

  • Learn a system instead of features & techniques

  • Concentrated: learn exactly what is needed

  • Thousands of satisfied students

  • Proven, practical, personal

  • Private courses for your team

  • Top quality training that's cost effective



Your personal Presenting Master Class

A 1-to-1 relationship dedicated to your presenting success.

Imagine: the opportunity to draw from 30 years of knowledge...all to develop your abilitiesIt’s access to global presenting excellence in a private conversation. 

Informative, interesting, engaging…I’m encouraged to step out of my comfort zone in regards to speaking. Loved your book!”

”Great stuff. Very insightful.
  • Writing effective content

  • Honing a specific presentation

  • Practicing delivery skills

  • Learning PowerPoint

  • Any topic you’d like

  • Available live or virtually