What You'll Learn

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The fastest way
to write, make & give effective presentations


Course Outlines

1. PLOT:
Simply Create Successful Presentations

Create content that meets your goals and audience needs.

Get what you want: Define presentation goals

  • Understand why presenting is powerful
  • Know why you present; identify purpose
  • Know why you are presenting now; define goals

Meet their need: Understand the audience

  • Use audience demographics to define need

Quickly structure & write effective presentations

  • Understand Plot system and benefits
  • Identify and craft a Problem and Solution
  • Research and create Questions and Answers
  • Simplify and streamline research
  • Select key research and organize into Plot
  • Utilize the Rule of Threes to organize information
  • Identify and write the Plot points In, a Wrap up and an Out

How to Design Slides Worth Seeing

Learn the fastest way to make effective PowerPoint.
Quickly make effective PowerPoint presentations

  • Create a PowerPoint outline with three keys
  • How to create effective content quickly
  • Simplify presentation design, learn best practices
  • Created simplified slides; learn best practices

Create powerful PowerPoint creative elements

  • How to use Themes; best practices
  • Use Masters: Defining, applying, editing, best practices
  • Correctly use Images; Inserting, options, best practices
  • Use Charts: Inserting, options, best practices
  • Use Smart Art: Defining, inserting, best practices
  • Transitions: Defining, applying, options, best practices
  • Animations; Defining, applying, options, best practices

How to Speak with Confidence & Control

Present with confidence, with & without technology.

Speak & lead confidently from any stage

  • Understand Presence; How to Stand; best practices
  • Use Hands for emphasis, interest and inclusion
  • Use facial expressions to deepen audience relationship
  • Use motion to build & maintain connection with audience
  • Use the eyes to communicate, connect and grow trust
  • Use voice variations to lead, guide and emphasize

Control technology & shape the experience

  • Use devices, apps and PowerPoint tips
  • Control audio and video components
  • Identify and obviate worst case scenarios
  • Shape the atmosphere for optimal audience relationship
  • Control PowerPoint for seamless interactivity