We make your product better


Creative Learning Solutions


We teach your people

to Make, Serve & Sell

your product more successfully.



They learn
the What, the How & the Why

so your product
is the one to buy.


Our 3D Learning Strategy

gives you usable solutions, rapidly.


The secret: Iteration


Iterative solutions are created together, through collaboration and partnership.

Iteration means

  • Quicker turnaround times

  • More options

  • Working solutions.

We harness today’s technology and workflows to quickly, effectively, enjoyably, affect your bottom line.

What's The problem

with instructional design & learning?

The Problem: 

Traditional industrial design strategies
are one-way streets.



  • Long development times

  • Low collaboration
  • Disappointing deliverables

And ultimately, little improvement in how to make, serve and sell your product better.

The Solution:

Our Creating Learning Solutions
give you results. Quickly.


  • Rapid development times

  • High collaboration
  • Relevant deliverables

Bottom line? Effective, enjoyable learning solutions that improve how your product is made, served, and sold.


How does Creative Learning bring Success?

Make.  Serve.  Sell.
We help you improve at all three.

1: Make your product better with knowledge.

We equip your people with the best learning tools so they can make the best product.

We make it better with

  • Improved workflows
  • Time-saving learning aids
  • eCourses & Video
  • Innovative learning sessions


2: Serve your customers with empathy.

Truly understanding what your customers need, and how to communicate with them, is the missing tool for many organizations. We teach your people how.


We connect you to your customers with

  • Experiential learning
  • eCourses
  • Customer service skills



3: Sell your product with conviction

Sales people must believe in their product.
We teach them to understand & fully experience the product--and give them world class communication skills to thrive. 


We equip your sales force with



Creative Learning Solutions
for clients like you
for 30 years

Designed a wonderful, thorough & refreshingly simplified explanation.

We’re able to reach more people, more effectively.

Delivered efficient results…effective, creative, professional.

A message from Mike Vayda:

You already have a great product! 


VaydaPro gives you the one thing you still need: the learning tools to reach results.

We teach the people who need to know the most: those who make, serve and sell. So customers buy.  
I promise you a customized learning solution for the success you want. Guaranteed.”